How Did Dennis Bergkamp Get So Very Good?

Dennis Bergkamp

Robin Van Persie is in the jacuzzi. He’s finished training for the day at Arsenal and is enjoying a relaxing soak. The gym and recovery facilities at Arsenal’s training ground were designed by Arsène Wenger for maximum light. There’s lots of glass and windows. From the hot tub, Van Persie is looking out onto the training pitch and watching Dennis Bergkamp. The Dutchman is on his way back from injury, practicing with two youth team players and the fitness coach. It’s a complicated exercise involving shooting and giving and receiving passes at speed. Van Persie tells himself that he’ll get changed when Bergkamp makes a mistake. 45 minutes later, he’s still in the jacuzzi and his hands are wrinkly.

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How To Fix A Swollen Ankle Like Michael Jordan


We’ve all been there. Rolling the ankle the day before a big game. It’s the biggest pain in the arse. You go home, you google ‘how to fix a swollen ankle’, you follow the R.I.C.E. protocol and you cross your fingers. You wake up the next day and the swelling’s gone down but not enough for you to play. You’re out of the game. Gutted.

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Striking Thought: How Forwards can Make Their Coaches Love Them


I’ve been reading Ruud Gullit’s book, How To Watch Football. It’s a good mix of an instructional approach for new soccer fans getting to know the game and deeper insights from Gullit’s career that even specialists won’t have heard before. He pointed out one thing in particular that I wanted to share.

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The Pre-Match Meal I Eat Instead of Pasta


People are always asking me what I eat before a soccer game to optimise performance… right now, this is the answer.

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