Doing The Rondo: A Practical Analysis Of Barcelona’s Secret Weapon


When Pep Guardiola brought his Barcelona team to Wembley in 2011, the television cameras captured one of the most mesmeric sights in the game. In the studios before kick off, pundits around the world were busy scratching their heads at the team news. Amazingly, Sir Alex Ferguson had decided to field Park Ji-sung and Michael Carrick against the three-man Barcelona midfield of Sergio Busquets, Xavi, and Andres Iniesta (the second time Ferguson had made this 2-against-3 mistake, the first being in the 2009 Champions League Final in Rome). Out on the Wembley turf, the warm up told you everything you needed to know about what would happen next.

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Fantasy Premier League Strategy: 6 Tips For Guaranteed Success



Fantasy Premier League is back. The website’s had a lick of paint and they’ve got rid of Aston Villa. Now it’s time to pick your side. If you’re fed up of finishing mid-table and looking for an edge, this core Fantasy Premier League strategy is for you. It’s not about picking individual players based on past performance or hope. It’s built on the rules of the game and the psychology of the masses. It works. Enjoy.


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What Is Packing? The New Soccer Metric You Need to Know About


All passes are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Anyone who’s played the game understands intuitively that existing soccer stats such as possession, shots and corners are limited at best and misleading at worst.

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Don’t Worry France, It’s Not Your Fault (Blame These Guys)


As the post mortem begins for France after their 0-1 extra-time defeat to Portugal in the Euro 2016 final, it’s worth pointing out that France started the game at a serious disadvantage.

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