Quote of the Decade, by Josh Waitzkin


Joshua Waitzkin wrote The Art of Learning.

This quote comes courtesy of The Tim Ferriss Show.

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An Important Announcement About The Future of Reading


I’m joining the team at The Pigeonhole in Berlin to help bring about a seismic shift in the way books are produced and consumed.

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Ryu Voelkel’s Kickstarter ~ Claim Your Slice Of The Beautiful Game

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has now finished at 277% of target!

Follow @toksuede for the best pictures from Brazil…

Thanks to all those who pledged, you won’t regret it.

 – Paul


I first got in touch with Ryu Voelkel because I saw his work referenced on the site of my favourite football illustrator, Dan Leydon.

A speculative email, a couple of cups of coffee, a shared appreciation for ZLATAN and six weeks later I’m sat next to Ryu launching a World Cup Kickstarter.

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10 Lionel Messi Anecdotes That Have Been Touched by Genius


If you look in the right places, the secrets to Lionel Messi’s greatness reveal themselves.

Great ball players often take a moment in possession – just a half breath – to allow the picture in front of them to shift. The opposition are sucked towards the ball while runs align and space opens up.

Then: PING! Breakthrough.

In Spain, this is known as ‘la pausa’.

You could say that I had a ‘la pausa’ moment while reading Guillem Balague’s biography of Messi recently…

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