An Important Announcement About The Future of Reading


I’m joining the team at The Pigeonhole in Berlin to help bring about a seismic shift in the way books are produced and consumed.

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The Best Music to Listen to When You Need to Get Shit Done

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I’ve always been very jealous of people who can listen to music and concentrate on their work at the same time.

My brain refuses to operate like that. I’ve tried, but it won’t budge on this one. The bastard.

I find it too difficult to compute the three-way between the words on the screen, the words coming from the music and the words in my head. It’s chaos. It hurts.

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How to Not Suck at Surfing

“Surfing recreates you. I went into the water literally ready to blow my brains out and came back out of the water a warrior.” ~ Doc Paskowitz (Click to tweet)

How long should it take to learn to surf? It’s difficult to know. It is, it seems, a monstrous task for anyone who’s not twelve.

From Cornwall to Santander to Biarritz, I have snatched and grabbed at surfing for years: a day here, a stag-do there, the occasional long weekend flash-flooding my sinuses and wishing something that looks so cool would be so much easier for the rest of us. Until recently, it had been a frustrating journey.

Then, I had one of those perfect days where everything that I had to remember to remember was right where I needed it to be. As the waves rolled in along Engenhoca beach in Brazil, I felt everything that surfing had ever promised.

I grinned like a loon.

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SFC Friedrichshain Internazionale 3 – 1 vs. Pulmon Negro (a)

Saturday, 10th October, 2015

Goals: Wuyts, Fanning, Lannoy
Assists: Weber, French, Liu

This match report begins just as soon as you’ve out some earphones in.

Got them? Comfy? Hit play.


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